A Brush is a Wand....Makeup is Magic

This weekend I have been busy...here there and everywhere!!!   I have not posted updates on Facebook or blogged because things were a lil bananas!!!   I had a photoshoot for my younger cousin's friends.   It was an absolute blast!   Be sure to click the "Photos" tab!!!

On the ride home I took some time to reflect on my career in Makeup Artistry and just how rewarding it really is.  The Models all fell in love with themselves and took liberties in taking pictures of each other and coming up with new motivation.  It was so much fun!   And I was very happy to have been there to share with them the tips and techniques to bring out their beautiful features!!!

So in my heart I know that as a Makeup Artist you do something magical for women.   You never know what is going on in their life and how deflated they can feel when they sit down in front of you.  I used to go to the Nordstrom makeup counters on a bad day just for a makeup pick me up.   As soon as you wave a magic brush...people just transform and everything that was on their mind just washes away, and they fall in love with their own beauty....it's magic...as corny as it sounds...but seriously...all the worries on a persons mind totally change when they see themselves all dolled up!

The photoshoot was amazing, which I expected because these ladies are always alot of fun to spend time with!  So the vibe was good and the results are fabulous!   I hope you enjoy the pics and there are definitely more to come!

Stay tuned Kittens!

Leopard Prints and Lopez Fabulousness

Good Morning Kitty Kats...It's official the leopard print has got its stamp of approval for Fall 2010!    Ok, the truth is, not everyone can get away with wearing leopard prints.  If you pass it on the streets you might raise a brow.  But pulling off the print can be a sexy and chic look for the Fall.  Keep a few pointers in mind when building an outfit that includes animal print anything.  First, a good rule of thumb is to not include the print in more than 30% of your outfit.   So choose one: accessories and shoes, shirt or skirt/pants.  The one exception is a dress, but opt for a short dress and pair with a solid scarf and belt to break it up.   

One of my favorite things to do is grab a latte at Barnes and Noble while parusing through the collection of  fashion magazines....I narrow down my selection this way!  It is an addiction, sometimes I visit Asian bookstores to paruse through thier mags too!  I am an absolute fashion mag junkie...and in an effort to balance a better budget, I only purchase a magazine that particulary grabs my attention for fashion influence or makeup, of course!   I also keep pen and paper handy for websites I want to check out, or anything I want to copy.   I have been known to snap a picture in a pinch!   

I did purchase this Glamour Magazine....I have not had more than a quick glance through it yesterday but I wanted to share Jennifer Lopez's shoot with you because she looks stunning!   And it was a great representation of incorporating animal prints into your wardrobe....enjoy! 

MAC Cosmetics will also debut its Fall 2010 launch: MAC Fabulous Felines!!!!  Kitty Kat love is everywhere!  This line focus' on and celebrates the cat eye look.    Here are some sneak peak pics:

A Thin Line Between Love and Hate...

My camera is still missing...poor camera...all alone out there in some creepy place wondering where I am...well its probably not in a creepy place...it could be in my car somewhere in the back seat, in my parents glove compartment, or the cleaning people stole it at my job!!! Hey...all I am saying is I remember contemplating leaving it in my office so I could upload some pics when I had a second....

Mission 1: Find the camera....
I accept....stay tuned

OK so the eyebrow situation....my hair is pretty thin...and because it is I figure thats why my eyebrows are not as full as the next gals.   And as part of my budget of 2010 I decided getting them waxed all the time was a waste of dough..seriously!   I can pluck them myself, whats the big deal?  The big deal is that once you start plucking you get this determination to even them out and you forget that they are freaking eyebrows...they are not the same on both sides so the more you pluck off one side the more you have to pluck off the other side and soon your left looking like that Bozo the clown....

And there is nothing you can do but grow them out.   Which brings me to the stage of growing back your eyebrows...this is worse then people who just don't pluck their eyebrows...you eyebrows look like litle porcupines...with little hairs spiking out in every direction...but what can you do?  

I have been plucking my eyebrows and waxing them for so long I am not sure they will never grow back as thick as they did pre-Bozo.   But I am determined....   I was trying to let them just be natural but after taking the few pics I have for this site...I realized I needed some maintenence on my situation.   So I cleaned it up a bit....also waxed my upper lip...and now I feel like I can face the world a little less insecure.  

If plucking your eyebrows is a pain here are a few tips I hope help:

1.  Pluck your eyebrows after a warm shower.  The heat will open up your pores and hair follicles will be a little more forgiving when plucking your brows.

2.   Apply Ambesol, the tooth numbing treatment, to your eyebrows 10 min prior to plucking. This will lightly numb your eyebrows.

3. Keep a pair of tweezers in your makeup bag or on your vanity.  Maintain your eyebrows and you won't have to pluck as much when you groom your eyebrows!

Hope this helps! 

Stay tuned for tomorrows sQuint!

sQuints...is that what you would call a pallette of 5?

Maybe I should name my eye of the days sQuints...DONE...so todays sQuint is a little more fun...even though it is still not photographing right....I have to work on it...it seems like its bold and bright in office lighting but then the pictures show it kinda muted....

First I applied a layer of the NYX Eyeshador primer.

Then I applied MAC Saddle in the crease and blended it up towards my eybrow.  

Then I applie MAC Zonk Bleu! to the eyelid from the lashes to the crease.   On the outer v I applied Stormwatch.

I lined the bottom of my eye with MAC Moonflower and highlighted with Daisychain.

MAC zoomlash mascara and my trusty 2.99 Essensce eyeliner and I am good to go!

I know the eyebrows are seriously busted but I am trying to grow them all back out and get them sculpted. 

I will do a post about the brows and fill you in on what the deal is! haha!   Have a great Friday Loves!!!

Te Amo, Te Amo.....Don't it mean I love you????

Yes, I did not mean to leave ya hangin for weeks but things got LOCO around here...Work was on my back about this and that...My man's job put him on a 2 month leave due to the economy...say WHAT???

Yep...it has been wacky...I just noticed that I actually have FOUR jobs...yep...me...I can never recall a time where I have had FOUR jobs...but here I am at 33...working a full time, a part time selling clothes, doing the freelance Makeup Artist thing....and I am a Stamping Up consultant as a hobbyist....I have to let my creative juices flow...you know what I mean?

Anyway...The winds have blown and lined alot of great things up for me, as far as makeup goes.   I got a really great deal on some genuine MAC brushes from my girl J!!!! Thanks for hooking me up!  Wish we could have spent more time together sharing tips, etc!  I learned so much in that little bit of time and I feel like I am now armed for the world! 

I also want to thank Julie....Hoolie Hoolie...for the extra awesome hookup of  MAC L.E. eyeshadows...I am ready to conquer the world one eye at a time!!!! hahaha!

And I would like to thank the academy...sike...jk!

So those two opportunities gave me some inpiration that things were moving along in the right direction...then I stumbled across a website for Paint and Powder...a store that sells stage makeup and makeup for movies etc...One of the classes they are going to offer in October is for HD Editorial makeup...I am psyched to take the class!!!   It is a two day class with a very well known Makeup Artist that has done cover makeup for prestigious fashion magazines we all have read!!!  She will also have a photographer there to help build our portfolio!  SUPER EXCITED!!!  

Hmmm....Not to many hauls to share with you right now because I am well...BROKE..I overhauled last month with every lil thing in my artillery...so lookout for a blog about my favorite products for the month of July! 

Oh...and I almost forgot...but I didn't! 

I want to start blogging my different eye looks with you...because I change my eyeshadow everyday!! Not to be pompous...don't get it twisted...I think it's more because I do not use a Palette to do my eyeshadow...so I don't memorize what I used....Today I used all five colors!!!! You can not really tell because I don't usually put alot on for work...This is also the makeup I put on at 9 a.m. this morning.

Anyway, I will be sharing more of my eyeshadow combinations with you...hope you enjoy them!

This is a great work look...it gives a little pop of color with the Thunder lining the bottom lash line...so it's not too much for a day look or semi-conservative office enviroment.  

MAC Nylon - placed on the inner corner of my eye (closer to the bridge of my nose)
MAC Frisco - placed from the eyelashes to the crease
MAC Remotely Grey - blended in the crease
MAC Memorabilia - lining the outer half of my eyelid and blended into the crease
MAC Thunder - lining the bottom half of my eye
I used Essence Eyeliner, MAC Mascara, NYX Eyeshadow Primer

Lips - MAC Viva Glam II with MAC C-thru Lipglass

Besitos ~