Te Amo, Te Amo.....Don't it mean I love you????

Yes, I did not mean to leave ya hangin for weeks but things got LOCO around here...Work was on my back about this and that...My man's job put him on a 2 month leave due to the economy...say WHAT???

Yep...it has been wacky...I just noticed that I actually have FOUR jobs...yep...me...I can never recall a time where I have had FOUR jobs...but here I am at 33...working a full time, a part time selling clothes, doing the freelance Makeup Artist thing....and I am a Stamping Up consultant as a hobbyist....I have to let my creative juices flow...you know what I mean?

Anyway...The winds have blown and lined alot of great things up for me, as far as makeup goes.   I got a really great deal on some genuine MAC brushes from my girl J!!!! Thanks for hooking me up!  Wish we could have spent more time together sharing tips, etc!  I learned so much in that little bit of time and I feel like I am now armed for the world! 

I also want to thank Julie....Hoolie Hoolie...for the extra awesome hookup of  MAC L.E. eyeshadows...I am ready to conquer the world one eye at a time!!!! hahaha!

And I would like to thank the academy...sike...jk!

So those two opportunities gave me some inpiration that things were moving along in the right direction...then I stumbled across a website for Paint and Powder...a store that sells stage makeup and makeup for movies etc...One of the classes they are going to offer in October is for HD Editorial makeup...I am psyched to take the class!!!   It is a two day class with a very well known Makeup Artist that has done cover makeup for prestigious fashion magazines we all have read!!!  She will also have a photographer there to help build our portfolio!  SUPER EXCITED!!!  

Hmmm....Not to many hauls to share with you right now because I am well...BROKE..I overhauled last month with every lil thing in my artillery...so lookout for a blog about my favorite products for the month of July! 

Oh...and I almost forgot...but I didn't! 

I want to start blogging my different eye looks with you...because I change my eyeshadow everyday!! Not to be pompous...don't get it twisted...I think it's more because I do not use a Palette to do my eyeshadow...so I don't memorize what I used....Today I used all five colors!!!! You can not really tell because I don't usually put alot on for work...This is also the makeup I put on at 9 a.m. this morning.

Anyway, I will be sharing more of my eyeshadow combinations with you...hope you enjoy them!

This is a great work look...it gives a little pop of color with the Thunder lining the bottom lash line...so it's not too much for a day look or semi-conservative office enviroment.  

MAC Nylon - placed on the inner corner of my eye (closer to the bridge of my nose)
MAC Frisco - placed from the eyelashes to the crease
MAC Remotely Grey - blended in the crease
MAC Memorabilia - lining the outer half of my eyelid and blended into the crease
MAC Thunder - lining the bottom half of my eye
I used Essence Eyeliner, MAC Mascara, NYX Eyeshadow Primer

Lips - MAC Viva Glam II with MAC C-thru Lipglass

Besitos ~