Leopard Prints and Lopez Fabulousness

Good Morning Kitty Kats...It's official the leopard print has got its stamp of approval for Fall 2010!    Ok, the truth is, not everyone can get away with wearing leopard prints.  If you pass it on the streets you might raise a brow.  But pulling off the print can be a sexy and chic look for the Fall.  Keep a few pointers in mind when building an outfit that includes animal print anything.  First, a good rule of thumb is to not include the print in more than 30% of your outfit.   So choose one: accessories and shoes, shirt or skirt/pants.  The one exception is a dress, but opt for a short dress and pair with a solid scarf and belt to break it up.   

One of my favorite things to do is grab a latte at Barnes and Noble while parusing through the collection of  fashion magazines....I narrow down my selection this way!  It is an addiction, sometimes I visit Asian bookstores to paruse through thier mags too!  I am an absolute fashion mag junkie...and in an effort to balance a better budget, I only purchase a magazine that particulary grabs my attention for fashion influence or makeup, of course!   I also keep pen and paper handy for websites I want to check out, or anything I want to copy.   I have been known to snap a picture in a pinch!   

I did purchase this Glamour Magazine....I have not had more than a quick glance through it yesterday but I wanted to share Jennifer Lopez's shoot with you because she looks stunning!   And it was a great representation of incorporating animal prints into your wardrobe....enjoy! 

MAC Cosmetics will also debut its Fall 2010 launch: MAC Fabulous Felines!!!!  Kitty Kat love is everywhere!  This line focus' on and celebrates the cat eye look.    Here are some sneak peak pics: