Football, Facials and Fashion!

I could be the only person the in the DC Metro area that did not care about the Redskins vs. Cowboys game last night. Forgive me Father, but is it that big of a sin? I just never have liked the game of football. It could be the equivalent of watching golf for me. Just something I never got into. But I make the best of football games! While he is in the man cave watching football, I will share the top 3 reasons I like football: 3+ hours of uninterrupted me time, finger foods for dinner and less traffic if I want to get out and go somewhere! Have you ever been grocery shopping during a big game? No, oh yeah, I am the only one that does not watch football! Haha.

The average football game is about a little over 3 hours. There are four quarters and they are each 15 minutes on the clock for actual play time but can take about 30 minutes with all the stopping, starting, fouls, etc.

Here is my football playbook:

1st Quarter –

Supplies: 7 shirt hangers - 7 pant hangers -Post its - Zip locks - Clothes pins

Before you begin – you must do two things

1. Check your calendar – any meetings or events coming up that you need to dress for?

2. visit - plan to dress appropriately for the weather

Play: I have a garment rack in my room…but you can use your shower rod if that is convenient. Hang up all the hangers alternating pants hanger, shirt hanger, pant hanger, shirt hanger, etc. Put all your outfits for the week together on the rack. Then get your accessories for each outfit and put them in the zipclock. Clip the ziplock to the coordinating outfit with the clothespin.

Note: Try on the clothes and make note of the fit. Some days you may be leaner, some days you may be feel more bloated…switch outfits to feel more comfortable. I know on days that things are feeling a little snug, I try to wear more statement jewelry, so that is where a person’s eyes are drawn to. Remember this when accenting your clothing with accessories, don’t go overboard and look too gaudy or cluttered.

Organizing your wardrobe can take 15 – 30 minutes to do, but saves you hours during the week!

(Commercial Break – put 3 cups of water in a pot to boil on your stove. Then wash your hands very well for the next quarter!)

2nd Quarter

Supplies: Large heat resistant bowl (I use a tempered glass Pyrex bowl), bath towel, hand towel, q-tips, mirror, cotton balls, flat brush or foundation brush, mint julep face mask

Optional – Jasmine Tea, Lemon Lifter Tea, or Peppermint Tea

Pour the water into the bowl with whichever flavor or tea you enjoy. Add 3 more cups of water to the pot and place it on the stove again. Place your head above the bowl, not to close, but close enough to feel the steam vapors. Place the towel over your head and the bowl to keep the steam enclosed.

Steam your face for no more than 15 minutes. The steam will open your pores. After 15 minutes, with CLEAN hands, extract the black heads from your nose or face by applying pressure with your fingers or the q-tips. If this is difficult for you, skip to step below.

After your extractions, use the cotton balls to clean away any leftover residues and dry your skin a little. Discard the water from your bowl and replace with the clean water on the stove. Set your face above the steam again and cover up with a towel. Allow the steam to penetrate your skin for 10 minutes. Remove the towel, pat your skin dry.

Your pores are once again open and we will now use a mask to exfoliate your skin. I recommend using a mud mask or the classic Queen Helene Mint Julep Face Mask. Place the tube in the hot water to heat up the mask. Using a foundation brush apply the mask onto your face avoiding the eyes. Discard the water.

(Commercial Break: Pop some frozen wings and pizza in the oven…or order some!)

3rd Quarter

Part of putting an outfit together includes pressing or steaming your clothes. I can’t iron. I never have been able to, even though when I was in high school, Carlton Mack, did a fabulous how to demonstration on “Ironing a button up shirt”, how many of you remember that? Anyway, even that lesson did not further my ironing techniques. So hello clothes steamer!!! You can get these anywhere now and they will have your outfit looking as good as new. After you get halfway through the steaming, about 15 minutes, you are ready to go rinse off the mint julep face mask. Use luke warm water to remove the mask. Use a face brush or washcloth to remove the entire mask residue. Pat your face dry and let it air dry the rest of the way.

4th Quarter

Finish steaming your clothing, and move your clothes back to your closet. Grab the wings and pizza from the oven and let it cool off. This should give your skin about 15 min to breath and dry off. The last step to your facial is to hydrate your skin. I use the Laneige Strawberry Yogurt Pack.  Rinse the foundation brush very well, making sure to remove all of the mask between the bristles. Use the brush to apply a hydrating face lotion generously to the skin.  To make this routine go by faster store all your supplies together.  So next week it's all there.   It will all become routine and you will look forward to your at home spa days!

Now go grab your snacks and feel free to keep them to yourself or share with the Football fan in his man cave. You might just catch the best part of the game, the end!