A Brush is a Wand....Makeup is Magic

This weekend I have been busy...here there and everywhere!!!   I have not posted updates on Facebook or blogged because things were a lil bananas!!!   I had a photoshoot for my younger cousin's friends.   It was an absolute blast!   Be sure to click the "Photos" tab!!!

On the ride home I took some time to reflect on my career in Makeup Artistry and just how rewarding it really is.  The Models all fell in love with themselves and took liberties in taking pictures of each other and coming up with new motivation.  It was so much fun!   And I was very happy to have been there to share with them the tips and techniques to bring out their beautiful features!!!

So in my heart I know that as a Makeup Artist you do something magical for women.   You never know what is going on in their life and how deflated they can feel when they sit down in front of you.  I used to go to the Nordstrom makeup counters on a bad day just for a makeup pick me up.   As soon as you wave a magic brush...people just transform and everything that was on their mind just washes away, and they fall in love with their own beauty....it's magic...as corny as it sounds...but seriously...all the worries on a persons mind totally change when they see themselves all dolled up!

The photoshoot was amazing, which I expected because these ladies are always alot of fun to spend time with!  So the vibe was good and the results are fabulous!   I hope you enjoy the pics and there are definitely more to come!

Stay tuned Kittens!