sQuints...is that what you would call a pallette of 5?

Maybe I should name my eye of the days sQuints...DONE...so todays sQuint is a little more fun...even though it is still not photographing right....I have to work on it...it seems like its bold and bright in office lighting but then the pictures show it kinda muted....

First I applied a layer of the NYX Eyeshador primer.

Then I applied MAC Saddle in the crease and blended it up towards my eybrow.  

Then I applie MAC Zonk Bleu! to the eyelid from the lashes to the crease.   On the outer v I applied Stormwatch.

I lined the bottom of my eye with MAC Moonflower and highlighted with Daisychain.

MAC zoomlash mascara and my trusty 2.99 Essensce eyeliner and I am good to go!

I know the eyebrows are seriously busted but I am trying to grow them all back out and get them sculpted. 

I will do a post about the brows and fill you in on what the deal is! haha!   Have a great Friday Loves!!!