In Spanish homes you are sometimes described as having the “manos” (hands or the touch) to do something you are gifted at. Some people have them and some people don’t. My parents and friends have always said I have them. I just picked up on arts and crafts so easily. I credit a family of very talented artists and crafty people on both sides, Peruvian (my father) and Korean (my Mother). I have always had a vigorous imagination and I can’t say that I have been that shy in my life. I am very outgoing and I usually take the risks opposed to the comfortable alternatives. Sometimes I fail, sometimes they work in my favor. A part of what attracted me to makeup artistry is the expression of art…followed by the boost of esteem clients receive through my work. I love that! I love the zone you get in to…it’s tranquil…I get so focused in on bringing my vision to fruition that time stops and worries are set aside…it’s just you, your brushes, colors and your canvas….I don’t really feel that passionate about other jobs or hobbies. I work F/T for a Non-profit that does wonderful work…and I feel good about that every day! I am a P/T Stylist for Lane Bryant, don’t get me wrong I love this job too! I just wish the retail side of it was not there…if all I had to do was help clients pick out clothes for their body type and introduce them to new trends, etc. I would love that job more! I hate doing the register, I am just all too familiar with trying to make your dollars stretch on the other side.



I think the reason I can do the things I set my mind to (except weight loss and saving money…lol…just artistic or crafty things) is that I pay very close attention to details. Event planning, Fashion, Photography, Painting and Makeup Artistry are all forms of art that I really focus on details with. And will practice at and try til I get the techniques down or achieve the end result I am aiming for. I am pretty persistent in this arena. I wish I could apply the same passion in other areas of my life!



I am not sure when I learned to be this way. I remember watching Oprah talk about event planning and/or decorating and she said, “It is all in the details.” And I have to 100% agree, I have always had an eye for details, the final touch on things. Even when I shop, I always shop like I am picking over produce. No matter what the item is, I compare it to whatever else is on the shelf or rack next to it. Is the hem straighter on this shirt than that shirt, is the paint on this figure better painted than that figure, etc. etc.



Maybe it comes from my mother, I have seen my mother create some of most beautiful art, and that’s not just because she is my mom! I promise! Haha…I have never listed this but I think I will for the sake of just doing it…



My mother:

  • Was a bank teller at First Bank of Alaska
  • Co-Owned and Operated Class-A Auto Body Collision Center
  • Was a poker dealer
  • Was a private chef
  • Owned, Stocked and Operated a Bridal Dress Shop and Clothing Store – Specialized in Selling Joe Blasco Cosmetics and Laniege Cosmetics
  • Owned a Pool Hall
  • Owned, Stocked and Operated a Kids Clothing Store
  • Owned, Stocked and Operated a Women’s Clothing Store and Laniege Cosmetics Counter
  • Designed floral arrangements from handmade paper flowers and sold them in a boutique
  • Owner and Head Chef of Hometown Restaurant – an authentic Korean food family restaurant
  • Owner and Head Chef of Chopsticks Café – a Coffee Shop and Korean Café



So maybe that is why I have my feet so firmly planted in Fashion, Makeup and Food! Haha! After working for the Bank my mother has been her own boss…that is pretty admirable if I do say so myself.   Maybe one day Copycat Cosmetics ...keeping my fingers crossed!