Keeping your Kit Clean

I hope that my trial and error experience will help you to save money and time when making your future purchases.

Have you ever seen that episode of Tyra that uncovered the hidden bacteria found in your makeup bag?  Makeup and it's applicators tend to be a popular breading groud for bacteria.   So it is very important to avoid cross contaminating products.  

I shopped around for traincases and I really did not like any of the ones that are available.   Most of them have a foam core that can not be cleaned.  Half of them are made of metal and are extremely heavy empty?  I finally found a suitable choice for myself.   These containers can be found at Walmart of all places!

I bought a couple in different sizes, parired them with the $1 organization trays every guru basically has recommended (thanks!) and voila!   When I set up a station I just pop the lids off, prop them side by side on a table and everythings is right there in front of me on a flat surface.  Best of all, I can throw all the plastic pieces in the dishwasher and sanitize them!

So here is a brief tour of my makeup kit: