The DFW's = Damn Forehead Wrinkles!

This is probably one of my favorite videos...because I feel like someone finally hit the nail on the head with asian eyes!  FINALLY!!   Check it out...if your an artist this is great info for your asian clients!

I love watching youtube's my obsession!  It helps me stay on my game with new techniques and products on the market.   Unfortunately, most of the gurus on youtube do not have DFW's...Lucky B*@#%$!!!   They talk about wrinkle prevention and treatment as if they have one wrinkle on their youthful faces! Drives me insane!   I don't have alot of wrinkles....yet...I know those bastards are coming!!!  But I do have 3 wrinkles that have found permanent residence on my forehead.  

I try to find products that promise to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.   Clinical tests prove that these products have to work, right?  Wrong, like an exboyfriend it LIES!   Where are these clinics and who are the women taking the tests? 

Let me see, how many bottles and jars of products have I bought to treat wrinkles and how many of them worked?  Ratio is approx 35 to 0....none have worked...and we are talking at the least $30 a treatment and max up to $ you are looking at over $1500 invested in finding a treatment....I could have just got botox right?

A part of me is ready to take that step and inject the DFW's!!!  But another part of me says, there has got to be an easier and safer route.   Forehead masaging, exfoliating, staying hydrated, misting charged water and applying these potions routinely in the a.m. and p.m. has got to have some effect!?! Right?!?!  

So here is the deal, I am going to go on a quest for a real wrinkle fighting formula and a primer or something that will help hide these suckers!   I am going to keep track of the pictures and post them you don't just have a review of something but you actually see the results, so you know if  60% wrinkle reduction is actually even noticeable!  

All my ladies with DFW's get your eviction letters together...something has to work!

I will post Day one of  Operation Elimination of DFW's this evening so I can post pics...stay tuned...hooorah!