Storage Tips

You can find this acrylic bead storage container at Michaels Craft Store.    Sign up for the email newsletter and receive 40% off!   The container cost $9.99 so you wll basically be paying around $6 for it.  The MAC eyeshadow singles fit perfectly inside this case.

The lid comes off easily so be aware and keep a grip on it when you turn it over to see the names of the eyeshadows.  

If you are familiar with using the MAC Pro Pallettes then you know that they eyeshadows can become pretty messy and cross contaminated and sometimes break in transit.

I find that it is less messy and your eyeshadows are less likely to break in the original packaging.   You can fit blushes, Mineralized Skin Finishes and Mineralized Eyeshadows in a case as well.    Stay tuned for a video of my Makeup Artistry Kit that I take on site for additional organization tips!