Free Tools

It's true what they say, "sometimes the best things in life are free!"

Here are some tips to discover free tools!  I will do my best to update this list with more free tools as I come across them!

1. Sephora - The next time you visit Sephora grab and extra mascara wand and sponge tip applicator from the tester station at the end of the displays.  Did you know that sephora will make you a sample of any of the perfumes they carry?   Ask a sales associate to hook you up with a free sample of your favorite perfume!
  • Mascara Wand -
    • Spray with hairspray and groom your eyebrows
    • After applying your mascara, use the clean sample wand to brush out any clumps
    • Dip clean sample wand into eye makeup remover solution and run throuh eyelashes for quicker and more efficient eye make up removal
  • Sponge Tip Applicator
    • Sponge tip applicators are great for heavy layering of eyeshadow
    • Sepora sample sponge tip applicators are the best tool for cleaning up racoon eyes! (aka smudged eyeliner) 
    • The next time you are painting your nails have this handy to clean up any mistakes, just dip in nail polish remover
  • Perfume Sample
    • Comes in a refillable plastic atomizer for your purse. 
    • Lasts for several uses
2. Nordstroms -  Besides getting the same items as you could get at Sephora (Yes, Nordstrom will also make you a sample of their perfumes but it comes in a vial...Sephora's is better), here are a couple counter specific items.
  • Sample Pots - MAC and Bobbi Brown have a generous sample pot that they will fill with select products for you to test.  I usually ask for an extra empty MAC sample jar to keep some vasaline in for lips!  Other counters have a smaller snap shut type of sample container.
    • MAC - Try sampling a pigment, this sample will last you forever!!!!!
    • Bobbi Brown - Try sampling some of their foundations! 
    • DDF- Sample the Sulfur mask...and use the sample to spot treat blemishes overnight! 
    • Mario Bedescu - Sample the drying lotion for present acne! 
  • Trend Show - Trend shows cost $15 but then you get the $15 dollars back to use towards a purchase on the date of the technically a trend show is FREE!  
    • See the latest products and techniques with a continental breakfast/light snacks
    • Free generous goodie bag of samples
    • Free opportunity to win prizes
    • Free makeup application at select counters - I have even met with Dr. Dennis Gross from MD Skincare and received a consultation on my skin!

3. MAC -  One of the most highlighted freebies in cosmetics is MAC's "Back to MAC" recycling program.   Save up 6 containers from MAC products and you can bring them in for a free tube of lipstick!   Seriously!  If you don't need lipstick, you can get a lipglass or eyeshadow but that is only available at their retail stores and not department store counters.
  • Get on their mailing list and you will be invited to exciting product launches!  The Magic, Myrth and Mischief launch was catered and had a bar!!! So much fun! 
  • Sample Pots are available to test products as well...feel free to ask!  
Keep in mind that it is much better for the economy and for the enviroment for you to sample a product then to return a product!!!!